Today’s market features increasingly conscious consumers, whose purchases favour products for which origin, quality and safety are known. For this reason, we have decided to register our shoes with Blockchain technology, which provides information with specific dates and times.

We use the Blockchain to guarantee every single sale of our products.

Our goal is to share all information relating to the origin and authenticity of our items with customers in a transparent manner.
Thanks to the solution developed by EZ Lab Blockchain Solutions, our customers can verify the characteristics of a shoe simply by scanning the QR code on the label with their smartphones, which in turn becomes a vehicle of information and transparency.


When a shoe is produced by our workshop, we create a digital duplicate of the article on the Blockchain, which gives the shoe a sort of “certificate of authenticity” through a non-modifiable time stamp that consists of the date, time and registration ID code. As such, its digital identity is unique. Through the QR code, the smart label communicates with smartphones, tablets, and iPads, and allows the history of the item to be transferred to the buyer (where it was produced, the processes it was subjected to, etc.)


Each VIA DELLA PAGLIA product has a specific QR code, which allows it to have a unique digital identity and provides access to certain information, such as materials, origin, and model, which remain with the products throughout their life cycle. This function offers our customers the opportunity to view the entire history of the footwear purchased.


Thanks to the Blockchain, we seek to build a digital relationship with our customers by creating a secure purchasing approach that allows knowledge of the characteristics of the shoes. We create a new experience for fashion and tech enthusiasts: “When shoes and the digital world come together”.


The efficiency of our production, the quality of our products and the search for environmentally sustainable solutions have led us to choose the Blockchain technology. With its “digital passport”, it gives our products an added value as regards to the origin and production methods, and it also helps to protect Made in Italy as a label.

Counterfeiting is a known problem in the fashion sector, and we have always been committed to guaranteeing the authenticity of our products. It is for this reason that the Blockchain is used, as it allows us to protect their originality and authenticity, where each article is unique and cannot be duplicated. The shoe label is then used to confirm its authenticity, which also serves to combat counterfeiting.